Special Processes

At Kentucky Electric Steel special processing can be provided. This one-step approach to purchasing your material eliminates your handling until the product is received to your specification.

Heat Treatments Available

Heat treating changes the properties of the bar. Heat treatments available include:


Softens the steel and makes it more workable for shearing, forming and machining.


Refines the internal structure of the hot rolled bar. The resultant surface has more uniform mechanical properties, better ductility and greater impact resistance.

Spheroidization Annealing

High temperature annealing process to make the structure more globular. This improves machinability and cold forming characteristics.

Quench & Temper

Changes the structure to martensite which improves toughness, strength and ductility.

Thermal Stress Relieving

Removes residual stresses within the bar restoring mechanical properties and preventing distortion.


Additional Processing Available