Major Markets

Service Center

Steel service centers supply a wide variety of industries and independent manufacturers. Consequently they require a multitude of grades and sizes. Kentucky Electric Steel's extensive size and chemistry ranges enable us to meet these demands. The partnerships that we have established with our steel service center customers have added new dimensions to our markets. Distributing our products through the steel service center industry has enabled us to supply smaller volume users with the same excellent quality product. Continuing to improve and modify our products for the steel service center industry markets will permit us to remain and grow as a high quality supplier.

Cold Drawn

Cold drawn bar is used in many applications from exercise equipment and office furniture to automotive applications where size and shape are critical. The hot rolled bar supplied to the cold drawn industry must be very exacting. It requires a multitude of sizes with very close tolerances to enable the converters to "draw" the material expertly. They also require various chemistries and modifications. We are continuously working on new grades (chemistries) and new sizes to satisfy these needs. Our goal is to supply the highest quality material within specified tolerances to allow our cold drawn bar converters to quickly and efficiently process the bars for their customer's ultimate applications.


The automotive industry has undergone a dramatic change in recent years. To meet consumer demands, their quality requirements have become very stringent. The leaf spring manufacturers demand higher quality REALSC (Round Edge Automotive Leaf Spring Concave) material than ever before.

Kentucky Electric Steel responded to this need with specification modifications and new processes to produce a leaf spring material that meets and exceeds these high quality standards. In 1993 we received the Quest for Quality Award from one of the leading manufacturers of automotive leaf spring and we will not stop there. Improving the quality of our products so our customers can continue to improve and compete in the new world market is our first priority.

Truck Trailer

Most goods in the United States today are transported by truck. The material supplied to the truck trailer manufacturers is used to make the support beams for flat bed trailers and must be of high strength and have high impact values at very low temperatures. Because of safety concerns and this industry's quality standards, Kentucky Electric Steel developed new high strength grades of steel. We introduced 80,000 Minimum Yield with Charpy impact values at a minimum of 15 ft. lbs. at -20 F.

Other HSLA (High Strength, Low Alloy) grades can be modified to meet the same impact values. We can also provide KES-100 (100,000 Minimum Yield) and KES-130 (130,000 Minimum Yield) which must be quenched and tempered to meet properties.

Our Quality Control people are constantly working to improve our products to meet the ever changing requirements of this industry as it meets the demands of the transportation market.

Examples of Flat Bar Application
Cutter Blades Fork Lift Arms
Dies Metal Buildings
Truck Trailer Support Beams Snow Plow Blades

These are just a few examples of the applications for our products. If you have any questions, we will glady assist you in product selection.